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"Referencing makes you better!"

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You're awesome Graphicbat :)
Sun Aug 24, 2014, 8:31 PM
FIRST SHOUT OUT!! WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!! Like your stuff, lady!!
Mon Aug 18, 2014, 7:27 AM

What's it About!

TJStock is to be used by artists alike for the purposes of referencing and artistic help. It is to aid in anatomy, posing, structure, perspective, etc. Due to privacy rules, you cannot see my stock unless you are a member of the DeviantArt community. Why not sign up?

:bulletgreen:Drawing by and from references is not considered to be cheap, weak, or lacking! In fact, to draw by references is HIGHLY encouraged in the artistic field, especially in animation studio environments! Trust me, I know! I'm a graduate of the Algonquin College Animation Program! Do not let the negative opinions of miserable people tell you otherwise. You will find that you will greatly improve your skills when using stock references.

Do you have a pose suggestion or pose request? You can always note me if you could not find a specific pose in my gallery!

TJStock's Licensing Agreements

:spotlight-left: It is very important that you READ THE FOLLOWING RULES BEFORE YOU USE MY STOCK. :spotlight-right:

:bulletgreen: You can share and distribute the stock as long as you give credit and link to the DeviantArt account. Any stock found posted without credit will be seen as in violation of this rule. THIS INCLUDES PLACES LIKE PHOTOBUCKET. If you re-post this stock somewhere, credit must be given. Do not direct link to the images on DA's servers as it violates their TOS.

:bulletgreen: Please note or leave me a link to your work. If it's on DA, I will fav it immediately! I really want to see the work done using my stock. =)

:bulletgreen: Credit MUST be given for stock used in photo manipulations; absolutely no exceptions. Prints and off site use is allowed. A link to this account in your comments is appropriate credit. For off site use, do not just credit to 'TJStock' in text, there must be a live hyperlink to the account.

:bulletgreen: Credit is greatly appreciated when the stock is used for solely pose reference, but it is not required when making original art using the stock as reference. Please be advised that DA's FAQ suggests linking to stock used to avoid any "confusion or misunderstandings." A link to this account in your comments is appropriate credit if you would like to include it. Please show me your work if you do use my stock as I would love to view and fav it!

Thanks to SenshiStock for allowing me to reference her agreements!



TJStock has started a donation pool!
437 / 5,000
Please help keep my premium member alive so I can continue to provide you with the best possible set-up and quality! Any amount is gratefully appreciated!

:love: :blowkiss: :love:

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Happy Holidays!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 4, 2015, 8:33 PM
Hey everyone! Hope you all enjoy your holidays! <3

  • Mood: Joy


TJStock's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
Hi! I'm Natasha (or Tasha for short) and I'm a graduate of the Algonquin College Animation program and work as a professional clean-up artist. I currently live in my nation's capitol! :love:

I always wanted to make stock photos hoping to give an artist that perfect pose that they have been searching for!

I am also :iconfireflea-san:!

Thin shaming Stamp by FireFlea-SanStop the lies by FireFlea-SanNo Drama Stamp 3 by StampsbyJenCanadian Stamp by orchikoVirgo by mysage

I apologize for my poor camera quality, but I currently cannot afford a better camera. Maybe some day!



:bulletgreen: Is your stock available to use?
Yes, but please read the rules!

:bulletgreen: Do you have *insert specific pose*?
If I know I do have the pose you are looking for, I will link you to it. If not, it's best to search my gallery thoroughly. If I'm unsure whether I have a specific pose or not, I will recommend a gallery folder that holds the best option of your desired pose. You could always suggest the pose for future photo shoots.

:bulletgreen: Would you take requests?
No, however I will take any suggestions you may have. You can either send me a note or comment on my journal or page with your desired suggestion. During my photo shoots, I strive to take 150+ at a time so I may be able to bring in your suggestion on the next shoot. I cannot guarantee that I will do your suggestion however, as it depends whether or not I feel up to doing it.

Please be specific when suggestion a pose. Vague suggestions will just be ignored, such as "do more sitting poses", "do more standing poses", "I like the action ones, do more of that one". This does not give me nearly enough information on what you would like to see.

:bulletgreen: Will you be doing more of *insert certain stock here*?
Depends on how I feel, really.

:bulletgreen: What is the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License?
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0) is a Creative Commons copyright license. It means you can share (copy, distribute and transmit), modify and make commercial use of the work as long as you attribute the work with a credit back to this account. There's a few more details, so check out that page. It does not mean that the stock is not under copyright or that the stock does not belong to anyone. This is frequently referred to as "Unrestricted Stock" but it still DOES have requirements for use.

:bulletgreen: Does that means I can I post art I've made with your stock as a print/outside DA/on my web site/for a contest/in my portfolio/on a poster/in an art show/in my book/on a tee shirt/etc.?
Yup! I just ask that you credit TJStock for your work and show a link back to my page if any of my stock has been used for photo manipulations. If you have used it for pose reference, credit would be greatly appreciated, but is not required. Though please show me as I would view and fav it immediately!

:bulletgreen: Am I able to use your stock for bases/, blanks, and/ or pixel dolls?
Sure! Credit would be greatly appreciated, but is not required. Though please show me as I would view and fav it immediately!

:bulletgreen: Can I trace/ draw over/ grid/ your stock?
Absolutely. There are no restrictions on this at all.

:bulletgreen: Why do you have 'No Critique Desired' on all your deviations? You're on an art site, duh!
I do agree with good, healthy criticism to help every artist improve their craft. However, I'm not looking for such help for these photos. My stock is to be used "as it is", and the artist has the choice of using it or not. I don't have the time to go back and change a head tilt, hand, leg position, etc. since the photo shoots take a lot of time and effort. I also do not appreciate when someone is very critical about the model's appearance, clothing worn, ability, etc. I am also not the least bit concerned about composition of photos, lighting, quality, etc. I am not a professional photographer... I cannot afford a $700 camera. I am not interested in people's opinions about the content of my stock, either. I feel strictly towards this, so please respect that.

:bulletgreen: Why are you just in a bra and underwear?
My stock is to get as close to a body image as possible without being fully nude (as I prefer to be censored at least a little!). Since it is highly encouraged to start a drawing from the bare body, I want to be as close to that as possible. There is also no censoring of the deviation required as "everything important" is covered tastefully. =)

:bulletgreen: Will you do costumes in the future?
Yes, I am planning on doing some costume-themed photo shoots in the near future. I'm currently very low on costume variety, but I will do my best.

:bulletgreen: Will you post nude photos?
No. I am not comfortable with having nude photos of myself, let alone posting them online. This will never happen, sorry!

:bulletgreen: You have really long hair. Will you put it up for some photo shoots?
Yes. I realize my hair is quite lengthy and will sometimes get in the way, but I do plan on tying it back in the near future for some photo shoots.

:bulletgreen: Can you achieve different lighting?
I'm sorry, but no. I have to make due with what I got.

:bulletgreen: Why do you wear heels? Can you wear other shoes? Can you wear no shoes at all?
A lot of the characters I tend to draw where heels, even male characters! It's also just a preference as I find you can draw boots, shoes, etc. easier on a character with the model wearing some sort of heeled shoe. I do plan on wearing different shoes for the future and I will probably do a photo shoot shoeless.

:bulletgreen: Can you add me to your watch? Can we be friends?
We can certainly be friends! But I'm afraid I only add selected people to my watch list.

:bulletgreen: Why is your stock only visible to dA members?
That's how I want it to be.

:bulletgreen: Your photos are really grainy. Can you please buy a better camera?
I am aware of the quality, however I cannot afford a better camera right now. It would cost me approximately $500 for the camera required to take high quality photos and I just don't have that kind of money for a purchase like that. Maybe in the future, though! Until then, please respect what I post!

:bulletgreen: Am I allowed to make you/ the model nude?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. I politely ask that my photos are not to be turned into nude versions of the model (whether in Photoshop, photo-manipulation etc.). However if you are using the stock poses to draw an entirely fictional character whom is nude, then that is fine. I am simply not comfortable with nude photos of myself/ the model, and I hope you understand and respect this.


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